Preventing violent extremism: Integrating gender perspectives (Global, Jordan, and Pakistan)

The project “Preventing violent extremism (PVE): Integrating gender perspectives (Global, Jordan, and Pakistan)” supports the promotion of women’s rights through the integration of gender perspectives in efforts to prevent violent extremism at all levels. This support is through increase participation of women in security and prevention of violent extremism discourse in different platforms and relevant mechanisms.

In addition to expanding the knowledge base on gender and violent extremism by conducting localized research and systematic awareness-raising activities, inclusion of women-led grassroots and civil society organizations in various inter-governmental processes aiming to prevent violent extremism.

Starting in February 2019, the project operated at the global, national, and community levels. At the global level, the project supports increased women’s participation in counter-terrorism platforms, and to support gender mainstreaming in UN relevant policies informed by the knowledge generated in country. At the national level, the project is piloted was in Pakistan and Jordan in support of national partners ensure gender mainstreaming in respective PVE efforts corresponding to the national contexts.

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