Together for prevention: Handbook on multisectoral national action plans to prevent violence against women and girls

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) has significant and lasting physical, economic, and psychological consequences on women and girls, which hinder their full participation in society. Despite alarming statistics, global evidence suggests that VAWG is preventable. In recent decades, numerous countries, guided by regional and international human rights frameworks, have implemented national action plans (NAPs) to address VAWG and promote gender equality. However, many NAPs primarily focus on responding to violence after it occurs, rather than addressing its root causes. Our global aspiration to eradicate VAWG hinges on preventing violence in the first place through a comprehensive, inclusive approach, with gender equality at its core.

This handbook is designed to strengthen national, multisectoral efforts for VAWG prevention and to inspire governments and stakeholders to prioritize, fund, and commit to preventing and ending VAWG in our lifetime. Its objectives include supporting countries to develop specialized NAPs for VAWG prevention and enhancing existing national approaches. The handbook is intended for policymakers responsible for developing multisectoral NAPs, civil society and development partners advocating for holistic prevention approaches, development partners supporting whole-of-government NAPs, and practitioners and stakeholders engaged in NAP implementation.

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