UN Women Executive Director welcomes her new Civil Society Advisory Group

UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous has established her new global Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG). The advisory group, comprising feminist leaders from women’s rights organizations, youth and LGBTIQ+ groups, academia, and male gender equality networks, will play an advisory role to the Executive Director on key strategic and political issues for the period 2022–2025.

UN Women Executive Director welcomes her new Civil Society Advisory Group

As a multi-stakeholder, intergenerational group of leaders representing diverse constituencies and geographies, the CSAG will play a critical role in keeping UN Women’s executive leadership on the pulse of feminist and social justice movements globally, to inform and advance networked, multistakeholder, and multilateral action that can push forward gender equality goals in an increasingly fractious, polarized, global space.

The group will bring a breadth of development, social justice, and human rights perspectives to UN Women as the organization works to implement its Strategic Plan 2022–2025 and accelerate progress towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Beijing Platform for Action, and Generation Equality.

The CSAG will also support UN Women in relevant global decision-making spaces, including, for example, the priorities of the Secretary-General’s Our Common Agenda, to develop solidarity strategies and opportunities in global policy spaces, and to advance action for gender equality among States.

In addition to this global group, UN Women also has almost 40 Civil Society Advisory Groups at the regional and national levels, as an institutional mechanism of regular dialogue with civil society and frontline allies in the fight for gender equality.