Brief on mainstreaming migration into development planning from a gender perspective

This brief discusses how migration is mainstreamed into the Philippines development framework, particularly from a gender perspective. This requires mainstreaming migration and development (M&D) issues in every phase of the development planning cycle. In general, mainstreaming migration into the country’s development framework takes place in the following six phases: (1) Situation Analysis (2) Strategic Goals and Priorities Identification (3) Action/Program Planning (4) Resource/Budget Sourcing and Planning (5) Implementation and (6) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). Each step provides entry points for migration mainstreaming from a gender lens.

The present brief describes each of the required phases. In addition, the document highlights the key role of the commitment of all stakeholders and the need for a meaningful involvement and participation of migrants, especially women migrant workers, in ensuring the sustainability and success of a gendered M&D mainstreaming.

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UN Women office publishing: Asia and the Pacific Regional Office
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