Inclusive electoral processes: A guide for electoral management bodies on promoting gender equality and women’s participation

This publication, jointly produced by UN Women and UNDP, focuses attention on the role of electoral management bodies (EMBs) in encouraging the participation of women across various points in the electoral cycle. The Guide is directed to electoral administrations and the international assistance providers who support them, and highlights the important work being carried out by both by offering concrete examples of steps that can be taken to remove remaining barriers that continue to affect women’s participation in electoral processes.

Divided into two parts, the Guide presents strategies to mainstream gender equality within the organizational structure of EMBs (to ensure women participate at all levels of decision-making; data collected is disaggregated by sex; that the organization formalizes its commitment to gender equality through a gender policy) and in the organization and administration of the election by the EMB (voter education and outreach; candidate and voter registration processes; ensuring all voters are able to securely access a polling station).

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