Women working worldwide: A situational analysis of women migrant workers

This report is produced by UN Women’s Economic Empowerment Section for the “Promoting and Protecting Women Migrant Workers’ Labour and Human Rights” Project, supported by the European Union. This report is the first of three designed to build on the growing body of scholarship pertaining to gender and migration, and is a resource for the creation of gender-sensitive policies and practices aimed at empowering women migrant workers. 

This report draws from the cases of Moldova, Philippines and Mexico to provide a comprehensive analysis that accounts for differences and similarities between migration systems. Specifically, through the use of legal reviews and legislative comparison, the report provides an analysis of existing mechanisms, frameworks, legislation and policies vis-à-vis women migrant workers, with particular attention paid to the alignment of national legislation with international frameworks, like CEDAW. 

Finally, the report concludes by providing a set of recommendations aimed at global and regional actors, including the ratification of international treaties, enforcement of CEDAW and the creation of a new international instrument to promote and protect the rights of women migrant workers.

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