Women in development: Report of the Secretary-General (2019)

Pursuant to General Assembly resolution 72/234 on women in development, in the present report (A/74/279), the Secretary-General underscores measures taken at the national level to incorporate a gender perspective into national sustainable development policies and strategies; promote sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth strategies that benefit women and active labour market policies on full and productive employment and decent work for women; eliminate gender-based occupational segregation and gender wage gaps; accelerate the transition of women from informal to formal employment; prevent and eliminate all forms of violence, discrimination and sexual harassment against women at work; and promote the reconciliation of work and family responsibilities.

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Subject area(s): Economic empowerment; Employment; Gender discrimination; Gender equality and women’s empowerment; Gender wage gap; Governance and national planning; Intergovernmental processes; Temporary special measures, affirmative action

Resource type: Intergovernmental reports

UN Women office involved in publication: UN Women Headquarters

Publication year: 2019

Number of pages: 17

Publishing entities: United Nations General Assembly; United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)

Governing bodies: UN General Assembly