Webinar: Sexual harassment during the COVID-19 pandemic: Health, care and domestic work

As part of a series of webinars, the Executive Co-ordinator and Spokesperson on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination has organized one to share reflections on sexual harassment during the coronavirus pandemic. Full details ▼
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Start date: 07 July 2020 | Start time: 12:00 UTC +00:00
End date: 07 July 2020 | End time: 13:30 UTC +00:00
Location: Online

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As part of the webinar series on sexual harassment organized by the Office of UN Women’s Executive Co-ordinator on Sexual Harassment Ms. Purna Sen, we continue our discussion in the second of two webinars on the COVID-19 pandemic, this time focusing on work settings.

In this webinar we turn our attention to those who have attended workplaces through this time: health workers, carers and domestic workers.

  • Is it possible to speak about their experiences when attention is focused on matters of life and death?
  • Are different contours of risk and ease of being targeted emerging now?
  • If people cannot speak about their experiences, how do we make space for them in our work?
Sponsored by: UN Women Headquarters
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Contact person: Judith Varona judith.varona[at]unwomen.org