Fund for Gender Equality annual report 2017–2018

Supported by photographs, data, infographics, and individual stories of impact, the 2017–2018 annual report highlights key aggregated results achieved by the Fund for Gender Equality’s (FGE) 26 active projects. In 2017 alone, FGE projects reached more than 48,700 direct beneficiaries (84 per cent women) through evidence-based strategies to advance gender equality at the local, national, and regional levels. During the first semester of 2018, the FGE’s role as a crucial mechanism to promote women’s economic and political empowerment was reaffirmed through the outstanding results achieved by the supported women’s civil society organizations.

The annual report presents the main findings and recommendations of the first FGE independent evaluation and introduces its fourth grant-making cycle, 2018–2019, a scaling and innovation initiative.

Since 2009, the FGE has delivered USD 65 million in grants to 121 projects in 80 countries, touching the lives of more than 10 million beneficiaries and strengthening the capacities of more than 140 grantee organizations.

Some key results from 2017–2018 include:

  • 26 women-led civil society organizations’ capacities strengthened
  • 143,000 beneficiaries sensitized on women’s rights
  • 16,000 women gained technical leadership, literacy, and vocational skills
  • 2,800 men engaged as allies
  • 9,800 women with increased incomes
  • 5,500 women participated in public forums to influence policies
  • 190 women trained who were appointed or elected into leadership positions

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