Media advisory: Launch of Feminist Climate Justice paper

New York — Amidst the unfolding COP climate conference in Dubai, UN Women underscores the pressing threat of irreversible climate tipping points, with a particular focus on their disproportionate impact on women and girls. Recent projections suggest that by 2050, up to 158 million more women could be pushed into poverty, and 236 million could confront heightened food insecurity.

In response, UN Women introduces a new paper Feminist Climate Justice: A Framework for Action, recognizing the interconnected struggles to achieve climate justice and gender equality. This innovative approach not only recognizes threats that climate change poses to women’s and girls’ livelihoods but also provides practical guidance on how countries can transition to low emission economies while safeguarding gender equality. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing women’s knowledge in climate policies, redistributing resources to build women's resilience, ensuring inclusive environmental decision-making, and addressing historical injustices.

The urgency is clear—a significant gap exists between feminist climate justice goals and government responses. Questions arise about accountability for transformative climate action. The new paper by UN Women highlights the need to strengthen democracies, enhance women’s representation, and support civil society coalitions to ensure just, feminist, and impactful climate action.

WHAT: Press briefing to launch UN Women’s new Feminist Climate Justice paper


  • Sarah Hendriks, UN Women Deputy Executive Director, a.i., for Policy, Programme, Civil Society, and Intergovernmental Support
  • Laura Turquet, Policy Advisor and Deputy Chief of Research and Data at UN Women
  • Maria Reyes, Fridays for Future MAPA and the Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition
  • Janine Kandel (Moderator), UN Women Deputy Chief Communications and Advocacy

WHEN: Monday, 4 December 2023, from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (GMT+4)

WHERE: Press Conference Room 1, Zone B8, COP 28 Dubai

HOW TO WATCH THE EVENT: Please access the livestream by visiting the following link: