Calendar of Side Events

NGOs with valid UN grounds passes need not indicate prior interest in attending events unless specified by event sponsors. Side events on UN premises are not ticketed this year unless they are by invitation only. 

Please note that side event organizers may make a limited number of tickets available to guests without UN grounds passes. There will be a specified contact email or RSVP link to request tickets in the schedule below for each respective event. 

Confirmed guests without UN grounds passes should receive a communication from side event organizers regarding the location and time for ticket pick-up. Tickets for guests without UN grounds passes are only distributed by the side event organizer, and it is the responsibility of the side event organizer to communicate the details to their participants. Neither the UN Pass & ID office nor the CSW info desk have tickets for side events. 

>> Click here to download the CSW62 side events MOBILE APP and create your own side event schedule.

Please check back frequently as times and venues of side events may change.

Sun, 11 March
Mon, 12 March | Tue, 13 March | Wed, 14 March | Thu, 15 March | Fri, 16 March | Sat, 17 March 
Mon, 19 March | Tue, 20 March | Wed, 21 March | Thu, 22 March | Fri, 23 March

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