Why UN Women

UN Women brought together four previously separate UN entities when it began operating in 2011. With a local presence in more than 75 offices around the world and a global perspective, we are ideally suited to spearhead transformative change.

Because we bring together and amplify the voices and visions of the world’s women, we have a powerful advocacy voice—with governments, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and the public at large. Our close ties with women’s organizations on the ground let us understand what women around the globe think are the most critical issues of the day.

UN Women’s vision is a world in which societies are free of gender-based discrimination, where women and men have equal opportunities, where women and girls are empowered to lead the change that they want to see, and where women’s rights are upheld in all efforts to further development, human rights, peace and security. UN Women works to bring about changes in the relationships between women and men in families, communities, societies and countries—inclusive, transformative, sustainable changes that do not represent a “zero-sum” game with winners and losers, but rather a “positive-sum” game that benefits all of humankind.

Realizing that vision will require the efforts of everyone—governments, international organizations, the private sector, NGOs, religious organizations, philanthropists, and, above all, individual women and men. UN Women stands ready to support this wide range of actors in keeping our collective promises to women.

What will your partnership achieve?

The challenges today are considerable. Increasing gaps in wealth and income that have accompanied global growth have deepened with the economic crisis, pushing millions of workers, especially women, into poorly paid, insecure employment. Political conflicts and natural disasters are driving up fuel and food prices, threatening livelihoods and straining household coping strategies in both developed and developing countries.

Yet the world is making progress towards gender equality. A historic number of countries have outlawed domestic violence, adopted equal pay laws, ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and guaranteed women’s equal property rights. Women are standing alongside men to demand freedom, dignity and the right to participate in revitalizing their societies.

Change can happen. But UN Women can’t make it happen alone. Partnerships are essential. Working with key partners, including UN organizations, civil society groups, the private sector and governments, we are not only more comprehensive in bringing together knowledge and expertise from different sectors to tackle challenges, but also more powerful in creating momentum for the results and progress we all want to see.

Now is the time for all of us to join together to create a tomorrow of peace, justice and equality for all the world’s people—women and girls, men and boys alike.