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Join the conversation during #CSW59!

  • You will be able to access the latest information on logistics, the official sessions and the side-events through @UN_CSW on Twitter and UN CSW on Facebook. The hashtags are #CSW59 and #Beijing20, which you are invited to use when tweeting from events and to share your thoughts.
  • We will also engage in extensive social media outreach around #CSW59 and the CSW themes through our UN Women accounts: @UN_Women (English), @ONUMujeres (Spanish), and @ONUFemmes (French) on Twitter; UN Women (English), ONU Mujeres (Spanish), and ONU Femmes (French) on Facebook.
  • Daily storifies with highlights of the day will be embedded below.
  • When you are at the Visitors’ Entrance, take a picture of yourself in front of the CSW banner displayed at the fence and tweet it out via the hashtag #CSW59. You might be retweeted by @UN_CSW!
  • A social media package with sample messages in English, Spanish and French is available here.
  • Join the online conversation for the intergenerational dialogue – a flagship UN Women event at CSW59

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