Kyrgyzstan announces new commitments in its National Action Plan for Gender Equality

The Government of Kyrgyzstan holds gender equality as a priority and has several measures outlined in the National Strategy for the Achievement of Gender Equality by 2020 for the advancement of women in the economy; education for girls and women; access to justice; and gender parity in decision-making and women’s political participation. To support the implementation of this long-term strategy and to help close gender equality gaps, Kyrgyzstan joins Step It Up by committing to strengthen its 2015–2017 National Action Plan for Gender Equality by adding the following new measures: integrating gender-sensitive principles into human resources policy at a State and municipal level; providing informational support for promoting women’s political participation and leadership; and implementing a social order mechanism for supporting women’s political leadership at all levels and promoting female leaders’ potential. [Commitment: en |Русский ]