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Women construction workers at a training in El Alto, Bolivia, supported by grantee Red Hábitat. Photo courtesy of Red Hábitat/Sofia Bensadon.
Women construction workers at a training in El Alto, Bolivia, supported by grantee Red Hábitat. Photo courtesy of Red Hábitat/Sofia Bensadon.

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Women-led civil society organizations drive many of the shifts in policies and social norms that yield lasting advances in the quest for gender equality. They pioneer innovative strategies and counteract forces hindering progress. Yet only 0.5 per cent of total international aid for gender equality initiatives goes to these organizations (“Donor support to southern women’s rights organisations: OECD findings”).

They need more support given their essential roles. Join our efforts to make sure they have it.

How? We suggest four ways.


Read and gain an understanding of the importance of women’s organizations from research by sister funds and development agencies, such as:


Use your networks and social media to disseminate the message: more funds for women’s organizations now!

Help us promote the work of the Fund and its grantees by using our hashtag #Fund4GE on Twitter and Facebook.

The Fund for Gender Equality (FGE) donors are part of a community of like-minded actors who value the contributions that women-led organizations make to sustainable development.

The Fund is grateful for our donors’ long-running belief in our vision, model, reliability, and results, particularly:

  • The Government of Spain for its significant initial donation of USD 65 million and for setting the vision of what today is the FGE;
  • The Government of Germany as the main supporter of the fourth grant-making cycle and key ally in exploring innovative strategies for sustained impact; and
  • The Governments of Switzerland and Japan for their contributions and support.

The Fund is thankful to all current and past donors, including:

  • Governments: Israel, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Norway
  • Private sector: Tupperware, Chanel Foundation, and Net-A-Porter
  • UN Women National Committees from Australia, Germany, France, Iceland, and the United Kingdom
  • Individual donors

If you are ready to join our community and donate to the Fund for Gender Equality, please reach out to us at 


The Fund for Gender Equality regularly recruits current or recently graduated university students as interns. We highly value their energy, knowledge, and ideas, and aim to make each internship an interesting learning experience. See information about UN Women’s internship programme and available opportunities.

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The Fund for Gender Equality is supporting high-impact, innovative civil society initiatives that are igniting the unstoppable spillover effect of women’s empowerment worldwide. Join us – let’s keep it growing!