UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women

Photo: UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women/Phil Borges
Photo: UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women/Phil Borges

The UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) awards grants to initiatives demonstrating that violence against women and girls (VAW/G) can be systematically addressed, reduced, and, with persistence, eliminated.

Since its establishment in 1996 by UN General Assembly resolution 50/166, the UN Trust Fund has awarded USD 215 million to 646 initiatives in 140 countries and territories. In 2022, the UN Trust Fund worked with 186 civil society organizations (CSOs) on preventing and addressing VAW/G in 70 countries and territories across five regions, supporting them with grants totalling USD 87.8 million. The majority of grant recipients, 62.4 per cent, were women’s rights organizations (WROs).

2023 Call for Proposals 
The UN Trust Fund’s Call for Proposals for four-year grants up to USD 1 million will be open from 10 December 2023 to 1 February 2024.
The online application detailing criteria, eligibility requirements and application guidelines can be found on the UN Trust Fund website

Administered by UN Women on behalf of the UN system, the UN Trust Fund works with CSOs and WROs to:

  • prevent violence against women and girls by empowering groups, especially at risk of violence, including adolescent girls and indigenous or ethnic minority women, and engaging strategically with boys and men as well as traditional and faith-based leaders to prevent violence;
  • improve access to services, such as legal assistance, psychosocial counselling, and health care, by increasing the capacity of service providers to respond effectively to the needs of women and girls affected by violence; and
  • strengthen implementation of laws, policies, and action plans on violence against women and girls through data collection and analysis and by ensuring that institutions are more effective, transparent, and accountable in addressing violence against women.

The UN Trust Fund is committed to advocating for adequate, sustainable funding for efforts to end violence against women and girls. It is committed to funding organizations that are focused on women’s rights and that are women-led. The UN Trust Fund invests in sustainable change through demand-driven initiatives implemented by civil society organizations around the world.

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