Benefits of partnering with UN Women

Long-term partnerships based on a mutually beneficial relationship are important to UN Women’s mandate. We deliver value to our partners in several ways:

  • UN Women’s partnerships with companies are underlined by shared agendas. This provides an opportunity to build corporate networks and relationships with like-minded business and philanthropic leaders.
  • UN Women has a global mandate to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality and, by partnering with UN Women, businesses and philanthropies receive global recognition for their transformative efforts to reach parity and ensure that no women or girls are left behind. UN Women can offer strengthened visibility of your positive contribution towards women’s empowerment and gender equality through communication and public relations support.
  • UN Women can offer guidance in conducting business in an equitable and sustainable manner.
  • UN Women is not only an ideal partner to implement solutions aimed at promoting gender equality; we are also primed to convene government, corporate, civil society, and grassroots leaders and individuals to broker a variety of partnerships.
  • Partnering with UN Women in cause marketing can help businesses increase awareness of their brand, enhance relationships with their clients and suppliers, and increase their sales and market share.

To discuss how your organization can partner with UN Women, please contact the at UN Women.