In light of the current concerns regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19), CSW64 will suspend after one procedural meeting on 9 March. There will be no general discussion and no interactive dialogues. All CSW side events on UN premises and all NGO parallel events have been cancelled. NGOs with valid annual ECOSOC grounds passes will be able to attend the procedural meeting on 9 March. There will be no issuance of CSW grounds passes and CSW64 confirmation letters are no longer applicable. We invite all to view the live webcast of the 9 March meeting at http://webtv.un.org/

We advise organizations to follow the Secretary-General’s strong recommendation that capital-based delegations and other stakeholders refrain from travelling to UN Headquarters.

NGOs that are accredited to and in good standing with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) may send representatives to annual sessions of CSW at United Nations Headquarters.

NGOs with or without consultative status with ECOSOC, may organize and attend parallel events held outside UN premises, for example in the Church Center. To do so, they should contact the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, which is a group of New York–based women’s NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC.

What is ECOSOC accreditation?

Non-governmental, non-profit, public or voluntary organizations may formally contribute to the work of the United Nations after being granted consultative status with the Economic and Social Council under Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations and on Economic and Social Council Resolution 1996/31. These accredited organizations may participate in meetings of the Council and its subsidiary bodies, including the functional commissions, in accordance with the rules of procedure of those bodies.

For information on how to apply for ECOSOC accreditation, please visit the website of the NGO Branch of the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) at http://csonet.org/.