‘One Woman’ – The UN Women song

In 2013, 25 acclaimed singers and musicians, women and men, from China to Costa Rica, from Mali to Malaysia, came together to spread a message of unity and solidarity: We are “One Woman”.

Launched on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2013, the song is a rallying cry that inspires listeners to join the drive for women’s rights and gender equality. “One Woman” was written for UN Women, the global champion for women and girls worldwide, to celebrate its mission and work to improve women’s lives around the world. “One Woman” reminds us that together, we can overcome violence and discrimination against women and look toward a brighter future: “We Shall Shine!” Join us to help spread the word and enjoy this musical celebration of women worldwide.

“One Woman” album cover

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All proceeds of “One Woman” will go to UN Women to support our work to empower women and improve their lives worldwide. We thank you for your support!

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One Woman

In Kigali, she wakes up,
She makes a choice,
In Hanoi, Natal, Ramallah.
In Tangier, she takes a breath,
Lifts up her voice,
In Lahore, La Paz, Kampala.
Though she’s half a world away
Something in me wants to say …

We are One Woman,
You cry and I hear you.
We are One Woman,
You hurt, and I hurt, too.
We are One Woman,
Your hopes are mine.
We shall shine.

In Juarez she speaks the truth,
She reaches out,
Then teaches others how to.
In Jaipur, she gives her name,
She lives without shame
In Manila, Salta, Embu.
Though we’re different as can be,
We’re connected, she with me

We are One Woman,
Your courage keeps me strong.
We are One Woman,
You sing, I sing along.
We are One Woman,
Your dreams are mine.
And we shall shine.
We shall shine.

And one man, he hears her voice.
And one man, he fights her fight.
Day by day, he lets go the old ways,
One Woman at a time.
Though she’s half a world away,
Something in me wants to say.

We are One Woman,
Your victories lift us all.
We are One Woman,
You rise and I stand tall.
We are One Woman,
Your world is mine
And we shall shine.
Shine, shine, shine.
We shall shine
Shine, shine, shine.
We shall shine.
Shine, shine, shine.


The efforts of many committed women and men around the world contributed to the song and video you hear and see here. From songwriters to producers and our participating singers and musicians, we benefited from the talent, artistry and advice of hundreds. UN Women would like to give our heart-felt thanks for everyone's contribution.

One Woman


Written by:
Beth Blatt
Graham Lyle
Fahan Hassan

Produced by:
Jerry Boys
Beth Blatt
Graham Lyle

Mixing Engineer:
Jerry Boys

Executive Producer:
Hope Sings

Produced at Livingston Studio, London, United Kingdom
Mixed at The Moor Room, United Kingdom
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York City

Music video

Produced at Microsoft Production Studios
Senior Manager Business Development and Marketing: Kara Costa
Producer: Maren S. Patterson
Editor: Denise Burdette
Production Coordinator: Betsy Grant

Photos and video courtesy of:
CIAT (Neil Palmer)
UNDP (Ahmed Rady, Ari Vitikainen, Issraa El-Ko, Mohammad Moniruzzaman)
UN Photo (Christopher Herwig, Kibae Park, Helena Mulkerns, Martine Perret, P Mugabane, Rick Bajornas)
UNTF/Phil Borges
UN Women (Catianne Tijerina, Gaganjit Singh, Janarbek Amankulov)

Individual session credits

Dave Arch Band

Recorded at Livingston Studio, London, United Kingdom
Recorded by Jerry Boys
Assisted by Sonny
Filmed by Mike Banks

Mikey Rowe

Recorded at home in United Kingdom
Engineered by Mikey Rowe

Ana Bacalhau

Recorded at Boom Studios, Porto, Portugal
Recorded by and mixed by Jerry Boys
Assisted by João Bessa
Filmed by André Tentugal

Angélique Kidjo

Recorded at Obatala Studios, New York City
Engineered by Jean Hebrail
Filmed by Andy Bryant

Anoushka Shankar

Recorded at Ravi Shankar Foundation, San Diego, California
Engineered by Ben Moore
Filmed by Sevdije Kastrati

Bassekou Kouyate

Recorded at Studio Bogolan, Bamako, Mali
Engineered by Yaya Diarra
Filmed by Dugugrafix/Youssouf Coulibaly

Bebel Gilberto

Recorded at Flux Studios, New York City
Engineered by Daniel Sanint
Filmed by MP Nunan
Make-up by Fatima Thomas

Brian Finnegan

Recorded at Spring Studios, Rostrevor, County Down, North Ireland
Engineered by Colum Sands


Recorded at Miami Beach Recording Studios, Miami Beach, Florida
Engineered by Luciano Delgado
Filmed by Sembrando Producciones SL


Recorded at The Assembly Entertainment, Los Angeles, California
Engineered by Troy Laureta
Filmed by Andy Bryant

Cherine Amr

Recorded at Vibe, Cairo, Egypt
Engineered by Yousef Ahmed
Filmed by Mahmoud Gawish
Producer: AbdulRahman EL-Garawany
Executive producer: Axeer Studio and Qabila Media Production

Debi Nova

Recorded at Mondomix Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Engineered by Demian Nava
Filmed by Tato Borounian/LCNPro

Emeline Michel

Recorded at Eastside Sound, New York City
Engineered by Eric Elterman
Filmed by MP Nunan

Beth Blatt / Fahan Hassan / Jim Diamond / Keith Murrell / Lance Ellington

Recorded at Livingston Studio, London, United Kingdom
Recorded by Jerry Boys
Assisted by Sonny & Mark Allaway
Filmed by Mike Banks

Idan Raichel of The Idan Raichel Project

Recorded at Bardo Recording Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel
Engineered by Jonathan Kossov
Filmed by Talal Jabari

Jane Zhang

Recorded at Make Sound Studio, Beijing, China
Engineered by Liming Yu
Filmed by Alexei Berteig

Maria Friedman

Recorded at State of the Ark Studio, London, United Kingdom
Engineered by Tom Hough

Marta Gomez with Gaddafi Núñez Cano (charango) and Pablo Andrés Giménez (zampoña)

Recorded at La Ollita Records, Barcelona, Spain
Engineered by Gaddafi Núñez Cano
Filmed by Teo Campos

Meklit Hadero

Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London, United Kingdom
Recorded by Jerry Boys
Filmed by Ros Gihan Williams

Rokia Traoré

Recorded at Mercredi 9, Paris, France
Engineered by Frederic Carrayol
Filmed by Mariana Keller

Vanessa Quai

Recorded at Harvest Studio, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Engineered by Tito Quai
Filmed by Rick Malao
Interview filmed by Christopher Quai

Ximena Sariñana

Recorded at Obra Negra Studios, Mexico City, Mexico
Engineered by Ivan Leyva
Filmed by Alejandra Olivares


Recorded at Indie-Pop Studios, Los Angeles, California
Engineered by Antonio M. Nochez
Filmed by Sevdije Kastrati

Special thanks to Microsoft as the corporate partner for the production of “One Woman”, particularly Orlando Ayala, Chairman of Emerging Markets, and Oriona Spaulding, Director of National Competitiveness.

Additional thanks to:

Ange Touré
Anna Pandorf
Beco Dranoff
Ben Willis
Boris Nowalski
Carly Slade
Christine Poundford
Daniella Tamayo
David Azulay
Deborah Cohen
Donnie Kehr
Earl Blackburn
Elly Lessin 
Frances Zapanta
Gahri Lubin
Jay Rutledge
Katie Baron
Kellee Joost
Kerri Welsh
Marc Johnston
Marianne Pompeu
Maurice Keizer
Oriona Spaulding
Orlando Ayala
Paula Quijano
Polita Buika
Porfirio Pina
Rich Masio
Tim Prager
Tobias Tumarkin
Vasco Sacramento
Yeara Livny