2022 sessions and other meetings

Documents of Executive Board sessions, informal briefings, and other meetings in 2022:

  • Election of the 2022 Bureau, 11 January
  • Orientation for the new members of the Executive Board / Annual update on UN-Women activities with Executive Board membership, 21 January
  • Pre-Session in advance of the First Regular Session, 24 January
  • First Regular Session, 14-15 February
  • Pre-session in advance of the Annual Session, 25 May
  • Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP, 3 June
  • Annual Session, 21-22 June
  • Pre-session in advance of the Second Regular Session, 25 August
  • Second Regular Session, 13 September