Algeria commits to ongoing efforts to promote peace and tolerance and implement strategies to improve women’s status

Outlining progress made over the past 20 years, in social, economic and political spheres, Algeria highlights recent gains such as the adoption of a Working Woman’s Charter which aims to reconcile family and professional obligations and the participation of women in company management bodies as well as their representation in trade unions. … The National Peace and Reconciliation Charter was adopted on 29 September 2005, as a result of a referendum. In this area, the efforts of the Government and the people are both ongoing and resolute. They are based on the policy of de-radicalization which consists essentially of promoting the civilizing values of peace, concord and tolerance. … Just like in Beijing 20 years ago, my country joins in the commitment of the international community to continue to work for the promotion of women’s rights and to implement strategies which aim to improve their status. [Commitment statement: en | ar | fr]