France pledges to advocate financing for women as a priority in climate talks

France commits to a goal of enabling all women and girls in the world to freely go to school, to have access to work, to found their own businesses and to lead independent lives. A second goal is to promote the place of women in peace. Having noted that climate injustices deepen inequalities, and that women can be among the most capable in finding solutions to global warming and preserving the environment, France urges that financing for women be a priority in the Paris climate negotiations. It calls for the universal ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, noting that to promote the equality of women is to act for dignity. For the Sustainable Development Goals to truly become the global order, France will advocate for women to have more responsibility in countries that make up the international community, and for measures to ensure equality at all levels of administration and politics. Speaking at the Global Leaders' Meeting on 27 September 2015, President François Hollande said: “The goal is to enable all girls in the world to freely go to school, to have access to work, to also be able to found their own businesses, and to be able to be autonomous and independent in their lives.”