Hungary commits to take action to prevent and eliminate domestic violence and sexual violence in conflict, increase employment and provide flexible day-care options for women (updated)

To contribute to the full implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, Hungary commits to actively work to combat discrimination against women in all its forms, improve gender equality and promote the advancement of women, through three priority areas of concern: preventing and eliminating domestic violence, advancing gender equality, and ending sexual violence in conflict.

In accordance with the Parliamentary Resolution on the national strategic goal to combat domestic violence, Hungary pledges, among other actions, to provide the necessary financial and human resources for combatting domestic violence according to the prevailing budgetary opportunities; to put a priority emphasis on prevention, with special emphasis on young people; to ensure the protection and support of the victims in accordance with their special needs; to maintain and elevate the necessary number of shelters and half-way houses for survivors of domestic violence; to continually provide trainings for professionals who may encounter domestic violence, with special focus on professionals working on child protection; to consider the special needs of survivors of domestic violence during tribunal and other proceedings; to continually disseminate information in society about the prevailing forms of services; and to ensure that actions taken against domestic violence are based on scientific research, assessment and data collection, and that public actions are monitored regularly.

Hungary pledges to invest in gender equality at the national level to further improve the economic status of women. In particular, it will seek to increase women’s employment and develop and implement new and more flexible daycare options in order to help reconcile work and family life.

In order to combat sexual violence against women and girls in conflict, Hungary pledges to contribute to international initiatives and to support projects aimed at eliminating all forms of such crimes, including assistance for survivors. [ Commitment statement ]

Developments since Hungary’s commitment

Hungary contributes to international initiatives to combat sexual violence in conflicts, particularly against women and girls. It supports the inclusion of gross violations of women’s human rights and other forms of gender‐based crimes, including those committed by extremist groups, in UN sanctions committees and bilateral sanctions.

Hungary, as a donor, concluded an agreement with UN Women on the contribution of USD 50,000 for the implementation of activities related to two projects on women, peace and security in 2016. The first project has been dedicated to UN Women’s partnership with Justice Rapid Response, and the second one to UN Women’s work on preventing violent extremism. [ Full update ]