Liberia pledges to pass domestic violence bill and press for an end to female genital mutilation

Liberia commits to passing its Domestic Violence Bill, and to sustaining enforcement of the law that denies bail to those who commit rape. It will continue to upholding rights and laws to ensure children’s access to quality education, and will provide training and better working conditions for health-care workers to improve healthcare delivery, given recent experience with Ebola. Despite much difficulty, it will press for laws to abolish female genital mutilation as well as actions to enforce a ban on the practice. Other efforts will improve the living and working conditions of vulnerable women in informal jobs. An ongoing constitutional review process will guarantee women’s full participation in governance and national affairs on a priority basis. Speaking at the Global Leaders' Meeting on 27 September 2015, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said: “My Government commits to improving the living and working conditions of women in the informal sector, who provide the resilience of our economy and are the most disadvantaged.”