Panama commits to greater political participation and the eradication of violence against women

Panama is a country where women have been protagonists and propellers of the development of a plural and diverse nation, loving and respectful of peace and human rights. Panama pledges to continue working to strengthen its electoral system in terms of women’s greater representation. It is determined to make headway in taking steps to promote the rights of women and girls, close gender gaps in the labour force and in social inclusion, and ensure women play a full and equal role in the country’s development. Moreover, Panama reiterates its commitment to eradicate violence against women, calling on all UN Member States to devote greater resources to combating human trafficking rings, as well as to develop public policies to combat femicide and violence against women in all its forms. Speaking at the Global Leaders' Meeting on 27 September 2015, Vice-President Isabel Saint Malo said: “…… Sustainable development is only possible if thee 50 per cent of the population we represent is fully incorporated in the transformation that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to achieve.” [ Speech ]