Broadening engagement with civil society, 14 UN Women Advisory Groups established in 2012

Date: Monday, February 4, 2013

Executive director Michelle Bachelet led the inaugural meeting of UN Women's Civil Society Global Advisory Group on 10 October 2012. Photo credit: UN Women

From the time of its inception, UN Women has acknowledged that an institutional forum to allow for dynamic engagement with civil society is necessary. To facilitate regular consultations, the creation of Civil Society Advisory Groups (CSAGs), at a global, regional and national level has been pivotal.

The Global Advisory Group was the first group established in May 2012. UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet announced the formation of this Group after wide consultation with civil society networks. The Group held its first meeting in October, reaffirming the strategic importance of partnerships between civil society and UN Women.

Since the announcement of the Global CSAG, 13 other groups have been established at the regional, sub-regional and national levels. The first regional group to be set up was for Latin America and the Caribbean, followed by Central and South Eastern Europe. At the sub-regional level, Caribbean and Pacific groups have been created and nine countries have their own national Advisory Groups: Brazil, Cameroon, Georgia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United Republic of Tanzania.

Members of the Civil Society Advisory Group in Cameroon
Members of the Civil Society Advisory Group in Cameroon, during the first meeting in October 2012. Photo credit: UN Women

The Advisory Groups work as consultative forums for civil society and UN Women. They aim to foster dialogue and engagement on global, regional and national gender equality and women’s empowerment issues.

In 2013, UN Women plans to establish at least 13 more civil society advisory groups around the globe.