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Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office

Using evaluation to inform programming: ESARO evaluation knowledge products
A core part of UN Women Independent Evaluation Office work is to enhance evaluation use at UN Women and beyond through communication and knowledge management. On this basis, the Evaluation Unit of UN Women’s Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office developed a series of 10 evaluation knowledge management products based on evidence from 19 evaluations conducted in the region during the period 2009–2015. This series covers a variety of UN Women thematic areas, operating principles and organizational priorities. As it is crucial that UN Women programmes are evidence-based and build upon lessons learned from previous interventions, we encourage you to use this information in programming and to circulate it among your partners.

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Evaluation can help us achieve greater gender equality in a new development agenda

Human rights, social justice and gender equality approaches are at the forefront of the Global Evaluation Agenda. As such, evaluation has a critical role to play in ensuring the inclusion of those traditionally marginalized and discriminated against. UN Women’s Independent Evaluation Office is working to achieve that purpose by strengthening gender-responsive evaluation within the UN System and at the national level.