New Zealand commits to supporting women’s education, leadership and participation, and improving women’s safety (updated)

New Zealand reaffirms its commitments to gender equality and is committed to improving outcomes for women in the following priority areas: supporting women and girls in education and training; utilizing women’s skills and growing the economy; encouraging and developing women leaders by inspiring them to participation at the highest levels of governance and management; and improving women’s safety from violence. Recognizing that some groups of women experience poorer outcomes relative to others, New Zealand is working to develop solutions that are appropriate for Māori, Pacific, migrant and refugee women.

New Zealand recognizes that addressing gender equality, the empowerment of women and the human rights of women and girls in Agenda 2030 is essential to achieving other goals, and has mainstreamed gender across its international development assistance programme and continues to target the prevention of domestic violence as a high priority within the Pacific region.

New Zealand has also developed a National Action Plan to implement United Nations Security Council resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security, which focuses on the participation and leadership of women, including by improving international deployment rates of senior staff within the New Zealand Defense Force and New Zealand Police; and support in relevant development assistance targeting leadership in the Pacific.

Developments since New Zealand’s commitment

New Zealand continues to maintain a strong and consistent voice for women’s rights and advancement globally, and has taken measures towards “Step It Up for Gender Equality”.

The principle of equality for all is enshrined in New Zealand’s law. New Zealand has implemented positive legislative and policy reforms to improve women’s lives in the country. The Government’s priorities for women are focused on: supporting more women and girls in education and training; utilizing women’s skills and growing the economy; encouraging and developing women leaders; and ensuring women and girls are free from violence.

The Government has further committed to work alongside key stakeholders and communities to develop solutions that are relevant for different and diverse groups of women.

Through its term on the UN Security Council, New Zealand aims to contribute to the Council’s efforts to address the gendered impacts of conflict and the role of women in conflict prevention, protection and sustainable peace. [ Full update ]