South Africa commits to equity in the workplace by 2030, reduce HIV and AIDS and end violence against women

For the next five years, South Africa commits to focus on: equal representation and women’s empowerment, women’s health and ending violence against women. Two of South Africa’s legislative mechanisms for equity—the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act and the Employment Equity Act—will be fully implemented to reach gender parity by 2030 in accordance with the African Union’s Agenda 2063. This will include mandatory affirmative action, as well as the enforcement of a Code of Good Practice to ensure equal pay for work of equal value within the next five years. Further measures to put women at the forefront include procurement changes, inclusion for women to reach universal financial access by 2020 and making budgets more gender-responsive at all levels. South Africa sets a five-year goal to concentrate efforts on achieving an HIV-free generation, with particular reference to girls and young women. The country will also prioritize the elimination of violence against women, including through national dialogues and a public awareness campaign aligned with UN Women’s HeForShe initiative. [ Commitment statement ]