Regional UN Women Ambassador Cindy Sirinya Bishop

Cindy Sirinya Bishop, UN Women Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific. Photo: UN Women/Ploy Phutpheng
Cindy Sirinya Bishop, Regional UN Women Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific. Photo: UN Women/Ploy Phutpheng | Download High Resolution Photo |

About Cindy Sirinya Bishop

Bishop is one of Thailand’s leading campaigners on ending violence against women.

In early 2018, she came across a newspaper headline about Thai authorities telling women not to look “sexy” if they want to avoid sexual assault during the Thai new year festival. Having experienced violence herself at the festival, she spoke out in a social media video with the hashtag #DontTellMeHowtoDress. #DontTellMeHowtoDress quickly evolved into a movement championing gender equality and women's rights and has been extensively covered by local and international media.

In July 2018, Bishop collaborated with UN Women to organize the Social Power Exhibition against Sexual Assault. The exhibition was supported by United Nations agencies, the governments of Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, embassies, the media, and civil society and youth groups. Bishop also worked with civil society organizations in the Philippines and Singapore on #DontTellMeHowToDress.

In November 2018, Bishop received the “Activist of the Year Award” from the office of the Prime Minister of Thailand.

Bishop also is the Knowledge Director of Dragonfly360, a regional platform that advocates for gender equality in Asia. She is writing a series of children’s books on safety, rights and respectful relationships.