Looking at trade policy through a 'gender lens': Summary of seven country case studies conducted by UNCTAD

This paper presents summaries of the seven country case studies undertaken by UNCTAD during the period 2010-2014 on the topic of trade liberalization from a gender perspective. The case studies are on Rwanda, The Gambia, Lesotho, Cape Verde, Angola, Bhutan and Uruguay. The studies are part of UNCTAD’s activities on trade, gender, and development carried out by the organization in accordance with its mandate.

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Geographic coverage: Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Latin America and the Caribbean; Angola; Uruguay; Rwanda; Lesotho; Gambia; Bhutan; Cabo Verde

Subject area(s): Economic empowerment; Macroeconomic policies

Resource type: Case studies

Resource year: 2014

Publishing entities: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)