Annual session 2013

Documents for the Annual Session of the UN Women Executive Board, 25–27 June 2013. This session was PaperSmart; official documents and statements can also be found in the PaperSmart portal.

As required by its Executive Board, UN-Women is updating its Strategic Plan 2011–2013 to cover the period 2014–2017. This update of the strategic plan will be presented to the Executive Board as a draft during the 2013 annual session. The 2011–2013 Strategic Plan, UN-Women’s first such plan, was developed following more than 120 consultations in more than 70 countries, with some 5,000 participants from government, intergovernmental and civil society organizations. The six strategic priorities derived from that consultation process will be retained. The update reflects major developments since the 2011–2013 Strategic Plan was developed, both external and internal to UN-Women, and improves the results logic and measurability of its results frameworks.

The draft updated Strategic Plan 2014–2017 was shared with UN-Women’s Executive Board on 11 June 2013 as a conference room paper. It was reviewed at the Annual Session of the Executive Board at the end of June 2013, and will be put before the Executive Board for its approval at the Second Regular Session of the Executive Board in September 2013.

UN-Women is pleased to make its draft Strategic Plan 2014–2017 publicly available and to share its content and strategic directions with partners and stakeholders.

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  Opening of the session  
  Opening Statement by the Acting Head of UN-Women en
1 Organizational matters
  Annotated Provisional Agenda and Workplan (UNW/2013/L.3) ar | enes
 frru | zh
  Report of the first regular session and resumed first regular session 2013 (UNW/2013/2) ar | enes
 frru | zh
  Provisional agenda and workplan for the second regular session 2013 (UNW/2013/CRP.2) en
2 Strategic Plan  
  Progress made on the UN-Women Strategic Plan 2011–2013 (UNW/2013/3) ar | enes
 frru | zh
  Data Companion to the Report of the Under-Secretary-General/Executive Director on the Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2011- 2013 en
  Draft update of the strategic plan for the period 2014-2017 (UNW/2013/CRP.3) enesfr
  Updated Development Results Framework enesfr
  Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Framework enesfr
3 Financial, budgetary and administrative matters  
  Draft UN-Women Integrated Budget 2014-2015 en
4 Evaluation  
  Report on the UN-Women evaluation function, 2012 (UNW/2013/4) ar | enes
 frru | zh
5 Field visit  
  Report of the joint field visit of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women, and WFP to Thailand and Myanmar, 6 to 19 March (DP/FPA/OPS-ICEF-UNW-WFP/2013/CRP.1) enesfr
 6 Pledging event  
  UN Women Contribution Process FAQ en
  Pledge Form enesfr
  2012 Contribution List en
  2012 Top 20 Donors en
  2012 Core Contributions Pie Chart en
  2013 Contribution List en
  2013 Regional Overview of Government Pledges en
  Adoption of decisions  
  Decisions adopted at the annual session 2013 en
  Closing of the session  
  Closing Statement by the Acting Head of UN-Women en
  Post-session documents  
  Report of the Annual Session 2013 ar | en | es
 fr | ru | zh