Media advisory: Report launch: Progress for women in news media grinds to a halt

Global Media Monitoring Report with data from 114 countries calls for an end to sexism in the media


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What: Press Conference and launch of Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) 2015. The survey is published at five-year intervals and measures the pace of change in women’s media representation and participation.

When: 12.25-1 p.m. approx. (right after the Noon briefing)

Where: Press Briefing Room (S-237), United Nations Headquarters, New York

Who: Nanette Braun, UN Women’s Chief of Communications and Advocacy along with Karin Achtelstetter, General Secretary, World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) and Glory Dharmaraj, United Methodist Women, GMMP US coordinator will present the Global Media Monitoring Project 2015 and highlight the key findings which demonstrate persistent sexism in the media. The GMMP is a project of the communications advocacy agency WACC, with support from UN Women. The first such survey of gender portrayal in news media was conducted in 1995. UN Women has supported the survey twice consecutively, in line with the Beijing Platform for Action’s Section J, which called on media everywhere to make a far greater contribution to women’s advancement

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BACKGROUND: Results of the fifth and largest study on the portrayal and representation of women in the news media will be released on 23 November. Key findings include continued severe disparity between representation of women and men in news media, a global glass ceiling for female reporters in TV and newspapers and significant regional differences. The 2015 report includes data from 114 countries and provides analysis and case studies at global, regional and national levels, including trends detected since the first GMMP was conducted 20 years ago. The results are based on data gathered by volunteer teams in 114 countries, who monitored 22,136 stories published, broadcast or tweeted by 2,030 distinct media houses, written or presented by 26,010 journalists and containing 45,402 people interviewed and/or subjects of the stories.

GMMP is the world’s largest and longest-running research and advocacy initiative for gender equality in and through the news media. Since its inception in 1995, every five years the GMMP has documented changes in relation to gender in news media content. In addition to tracking trends in traditional news media, GMMP 2015 for the first time will include comprehensive data on gender portrayal and representation in digital media forms.


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