Expert Group Meeting: Envisioning women’s rights in the post-2015 context

The 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in 2015 conducted a global review and appraisal of the implementation of the  Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and considered opportunities for strengthening gender equality and the empowerment of women in the post-2015 development agenda.

Intergovernmental processes are well under way to inform and design the future post-2015 development agenda. The 59th session of the CSW provided an important opportunity to reflect on progress made towards gender equality in the last twenty years, to identify the multiple challenges that have held back progress as well as to consider effective strategies for advancing women’s rights in the post-2015 context.

In order to take stock on current research and assist the Commission in its deliberations, UN Women convened an expert group meeting (EGM) on “Envisioning women’s rights in the post-2015 context” from 3 to 5 November 2014 in New York. In the context of the 20-year review of the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the EGM:

  • Identified the constraints and challenges that have held back progress towards gender equality;
  • Identified the priorities and critical issues for advancing women’s and girls’ human rights; and
  • Developed action-oriented recommendations to accelerate progress towards gender equality and the realization of women’s and girls’ human rights in the post-2015 context.

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