2014 Side events: 14th anniversary of Security Council resolution 1325

Provisional calendar of events [updated 28 October 2014]

Sunday, 26 October

9.00-17.00 — Speakers’ workshop on women, peace and security.

How can civil society deliver their message effectively? This Speakers' Workshop will provide GNWP and Cordaid members and partners with an opportunity to practice and improve their global advocacy skills through group work, role play practice exercises, and constructive feedback from the facilitator and other participants. Some practical tips in reaching out to the media (print, TV and radio) and using social media (Facebook, Twitter) to broaden the dissemination of the messages made during presentations and bilateral meetings will be shared during the workshop.

Location: Global Network of Women Peacebuilders office, 355 Lexington Avenue, 3rd floor.
Organizers: Cordaid, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)

For more information contact Nathalie Margi at: nathalie.gnwp@gmail.com

Monday, 27 October

13.15-14.45 — Gender and Peacekeeping: The Role of National Militaries in implementing UNSC resolution 1325 (2000)

This panel discussion will bring together senior UN representatives, Security Council members, Member States, troop contributing countries, UN agencies and civil society to consider the strategies, policies and procedures of national militaries in recruiting, training, retaining, and deploying women officers as part of UN peacekeeping missions, including examining best practices from other militaries engaging in international peace and security efforts. 

Location: Delegates Dining Room, UNHQ (by invite only)
Organizers: Permanent Mission of Australia and UN Women

Please RSVP to Tanisha Hewanpola at: Tanisha.Hewanpola@dfat.gov.au

15.00-18.00 — The Role of Women in Countering Violent Extremism

As extremist groups continue to grow in power and influence in recent months, so too does the need for the international community to take a closer look at how these developments affect women. While  adoption of  UNSC resolution 1325 (2000) was groundbreaking in acknowledging the impact of conflict on women, the important roles of women in addressing peace and security issues and encouraging their participation in all levels of decision making in conflict prevention and resolution, it did not address the subject of terrorism.  Only recently did UNSC resolution 2122 (2013), refer  to the Security Council’s intention to increase its attention to WPS issues in all thematic areas of work on its agenda, including in relation to peace and security threats caused by terrorist acts. The panel will discuss how to strengthen and enhance gender equality and women’s rights in the face of rising radicalization and terrorist acts, while at the same time ensuring that CT/CVE strategies uphold the protection of these rights in the process of implementation. 

Location: ECOSOC Chamber
Organizers: Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates, Georgetown University and UN Women

For more information contact: Hind A. Naser alowais at: ha_alowais@mofa.gov.ae

15.00-17.00 — WPS Advocacy Using CEDAW General Recommendation 30 Meeting

Discussion on how CEDAW General Recommendation 30 on women in conflict prevention, conflict and post-conflict situations can be used to hold Member States accountable for the implementation of the resolutions on Women Peace and Security! Civil society representatives from India will share their experience during the last CEDAW session among other great participants.

Location: GNWP Office, 355 Lexington Avenue, 3rd floor.
Organizers: Cordaid, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)

For more information contact Rebecca Stanger at: rebecca.gnwp@gmail.com

Tuesday, 28 October

10.00 — All Day Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security


Building on the 2014 report of the Secretary-General on women, peace and security, S/2014/693, and in response to the unprecedented increase in the scale of refugee and displacement flows, and its related impact on women and girls and security and stability overall, Argentina will convene an open debate which will focus on the situation of refugee, IDP and stateless women and girls. By assessing progress across the women, peace and security agenda through this particular lens, the debate will contribute to the 2015 High-level Review of the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 (2000).

Read the concept paper here.
Webcast will be available.

Location: Security Council Chamber

Wednesday, 29 October 

8.30-9.45 – Breakfast meeting on addressing the needs of survivors of gender-based violence in fragile settings

Breakfast briefing with Ms Brigid Inder, Executive Director of the Women’s Initiative for Gender Justice and Special Advisor on Gender to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Ms Inder will provide on-the-ground insights of the work to ensure accountability for gender-based crimes in countries under ICC investigation including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and Uganda.

Locations: UK Mission, One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 885 Second Avenue, 28th floor
Organizers: Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom to the UN

See invitation.

Please RSVP to UNTF-evaw@unwomen.org by Thursday 23rd October (space is limited).

10-12.00 — Women, Peace and Security Financing Discussion Group Sub-Committee Meeting (Closed)

Location: UN Women Office, Daily News Building
Organizers: GNWP, Cordaid and UN Women

13.15-14.45 — Security Council Working Methods and Women, Peace and Security

The working methods of the Council is an area where there is great potential for more systematic information gathering, implementation and monitoring of implementation of the 7 resolutions on women, peace and security. This panel discussion will review the extent to which resolution 2122 has had a positive impact, and ongoing gaps as well as recommendations for further action.  It will provide a platform for member states to share their views on how to enhance the working methods of the Council on WPS.

RSVP by Friday 24 October 2014 to sophie-clarissa-marie.zagato@eda.admin.ch (space is limited). A light lunch will be served.

Location: Permanent Mission of Switzerland, 633 Third Avenue, 29th floor, New York
Organizers: Permanent Mission of Switzerland and UN Women

See invitation.

For more information contact Matteo Fachinotti at: matteo.fachinotti@eda.admin.ch

13.15-14.45 — Syria and Iraq: Recommendations on Promoting Peace and Combatting State and Non-State Violence (closed meeting)

Location: Mission of Norway to the United Nations; by invitation only
Organizers: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and co-hosted by the Mission of Norway.

13.15-16.00 — Re-Imagining Peacemaking Inclusive Peace Processes in Practice

Expert workshop to discuss the future of peace processes and the challenges that mediators and mediation support actors face in structuring negotiations and opening peacemaking to previously overlooked actors. This workshop will bring together high-level representatives and mediation practitioners from the UN, track II diplomacy organizations, academia, and civil society.
Links between inclusivity, legitimacy, and the durability of peace; barriers and obstacles to inclusion; creative approaches to bringing women and civil society groups into peacemaking; and strategies and tactics for mediators to build an inclusive process will be explored.

Location: Trygve Lie Center for Peace, Security & Development, International Peace Institute, 777 United Nations Plaza, 12th Floor; by invitation only
Organizers: Permanent Mission of Thailand to the UN, International Peace Institute and UN Women

For more information contact Marie O’Reilly and Andrea Ó Súilleabháin at: oreilly@ipinst.org or osuilleabhain@ipinst.org

15.30-17.00 — First meeting of Friends of the Global Study group (closed meeting)

Location: Permanent Mission of Canada, 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 14th Floor (TBC)
Organizers: Permanent Missions of Canada, Chile and Ireland

17.00-19.30 — Book Launch — Financing For the Implementation of National Action Plans on UN Security Council resolution 1325: Critical for Advancing Women’s Human Rights, Peace and Security

GNWP and Cordaid's publication aims to answer the question ‘Where the money for NAP 1325 implementation is?’. It also includes an examination of financing for Nation Action Plans in 42 countries; and features 6 case studies from Burundi, Chile, Nepal, the Netherlands, Philippines and Sierra Leone that provide in depth analysis of the financing-or lack thereof-of NAP implementation.

Location: UN Women Offices, Daily News Building, 19th Floor
Organizers: UN Women, Cordaid and Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)

For more information contact Kelly Yzique at: kelly.gnwp@gmail.com

Thursday, 30 October

9.00-16.30 — High-level Advisory Group on Global Study (closed all-day meeting)

Location: UN Women Offices, Daily News Building, 220 East 42nd Street

10.00-12.00 — Launch of Women Count UNSCR 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report 2014

Presentation of the annual civil society monitoring report on 1325.

Location: Permanent Mission of Canada, 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 14th Floor
Organizers: Permanent Mission of Canada to the UN, GNWP

See invitation.

For more information contact Mavic Cabrera-Balleza at: mavic.gnwp@gmail.com

10.00-12.00 — Amplifying the Voices of Women in the MENA Region

Following the events in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the panel will discuss current opportunities and challenges for women’s leadership in conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the region. The panel will address regional specificities in regards to UNSCR 1325 implementation, highlight strategies to advance women’s leadership for peace, and reflect on linkages between local, national, regional and global processes and related dynamics. Speakers will put forward concrete recommendations for 2015 High-level Review on the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and the related global study, as well as for the post-15 development agenda.

Location: Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 666 Third Avenue, 19th Floor (between 42 and 43 Street)
Organizers: Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations, Women Empowerment Organization, ABAAD - Resource Centre for Gender Equality, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, and the Post-2015 Women's Coalition on Amplifying the Voices of Women in the MENA Region

See invitation.

For more information contact Jonna Klijnsma at: jonna.klijnsma@minbuza.nl

16.00-17.30 — Boko Haram and Cycles of Violence: Strengthening Prevention Using the Women Peace and Security Agenda

As most of the 276 captured girls by Boko Haram in Chibok, Nigeria six months ago are still missing, women from Nigeria and Cameroon will share their work and experiences about the root causes of conflict and abductions. Prevention strategies will be discussed including strengthening the social and economic rights of women, enhancing opportunities for political participation, as well as investing in gender equitable institutions, and reducing militarism and arms.

Locations: UN Headquarters, Conference Room 6 (GA BLDG)
Organizers: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and co-hosted by the Mission of Liechtenstein to the UN

See invitation.

For more information contact Antonia Strachwitz at: as@nyc.llv.li by October 27 2014

18.00-10.00 — Presentation of the Tool on Negotiating better Peace

ICAN, in partnership with other international and local women’s groups and civil society is developing an open source tool – the “Better Peace Tool” – as an endorsed standard of inclusive peace making.

Location: GNWP Office, 355 Lexington Avenue, 3rd floor.
Organizers: International Civil Society Network (ICAN), Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP), Cordaid.

For more information contact Sanam Anderlini at: sanambna@yahoo.com

Friday, 31 October 

13.15-14.45 — Women redefining the terms of peace negotiations: Shared experiences and next steps towards just and sustainable peace in Colombia and South Sudan.

The panel discussion offers a unique opportunity for women peace activists from Colombia and South Sudan to jointly examine parallels between the ongoing peace processes and share experiences and lessons learned with each other as well as with policymakers and other actors. The panel seeks to formulate concrete recommendations and strategies for greater participation of women in the peace processes and the inclusion of a gender perspective in the final peace agreements and their enforcement.

Location: UN Headquarters, Conference Room 8 (GA BLDG)
Organizers: Permanent Mission of Norway, GNWP and Cordaid

For more information contact Léa Valenti at: lea.gnwp@gmail.com