Egypt: Women’s Charter Calls for a Democratic Transition


During an event led by 500 non-governmental organizations in Cairo this month, a Charter was released listing the social and political demands of Egyptian women towards building a democratic Egypt.

Endorsed by approximately half a million Egyptian men and women to date through a signature campaign, the Charter calls for women's political and social representation, access to justice, a strong national women's machinery, a review and redress of discriminatory legislation, commitments to international human rights conventions as well as the establishment of social and economic rights.

The Charter was announced 4 June in Cairo at the event “Egyptian Women: Partners in the Revolution and in Building Democratic Egypt, organized by the Alliance for Arab Women (AAW), Association of International Civil Servants (AFICS) and a coalition of Egyptian NGOs.

“Democracy is about representation of the society that raises the relevance and pluralism and inclusiveness of all the population, the role of the women in the transition, the role of the civil society and the role of youth, said UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet in a recent visit to Cairo following the announcement of the Charter.

“It is important to give consideration to the way the process will become stronger over time, Ms. Bachelet said. “There is an issue of institutional strengthening, but also one of promoting democratic values at every level and strengthening the participation of the people.

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