In collaboration with UN Women, Egypt’s top selling female singer, Angham, dedicates a song to Egyptian women


“Needless to prove, I am basically half the world. So sings Angham, one of the Arab world's most successful female vocalists in her new single Nos El Donia or “Half the World, which she has dedicated to Egyptian women. Working with UN Women to commemorate International Women's Day 2012, the artist's song and video have now taken messages of female empowerment to a vast fan base.

The song comes at a pertinent time. As Egypt strives to stabilize its economy and prepare for presidential elections, women's rights campaigners are working hard to keep gender equality a key national priority. Nos El Donia was a voluntary collaboration between Angham and other heavyweight music professionals in the Arab world, with UN Women, to advocate on critical messages.

With her sensual voice, Angham sings that the foundation of women's strength is in understanding their full rights and responsibilities, their many diverse roles and their active participation in private and public. “I'm neither worthless or insignificant, she sings. “I'm not an idle plan on paper. Her message is that women's rights should not be limited to written words, but upheld by laws that are enforced. She concludes: “prejudice is impermissible.

Angham's musical career has spanned more than three decades, and she is credited with reenergizing the Middle East's music arena. Her lyrics were penned by one of the region's most reputable song writers, Amir Teima, author of more than 450 songs, many of which have won awards and covered themes that relate to the dreams and challenges of many women. Teima managed the production of the song with composer Khaled Ezz, arranger Hassan Al Shafie (known for his work in the reality television show 'Arab Idol') and director Ahmed El Mahdy.

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