Give mom back her name: #MyMothersNameIs


For men in Egypt and in many other countries in the Middle East, there is a peculiar taboo of not disclosing one's mother’s name in public, to prevent her name from becoming the subject of shame and ridicule. Over time, she’s only referred to as ‘The mother of her eldest son’.

UN Women’s 'Give Mom Back Her Name’ initiative is a simple yet powerful one that aims to eradicate this taboo and give mothers in Egypt and the Middle East their names back in public fora. Launched on Egyptian Mother’s Day, 21 March, the campaign urges people to show their appreciation for a lifetime of love “with one small gift: Give Mom back her name. Change your Twitter profile picture to your mother’s name and #MyMothersNameIs …. Let the world know she gave her all to raise you.”

Mohammed Naciri, UN Women Regional Director for the Arab States and North Africa, says: “A woman's name should never be associated with shame or embarrassment – this mother's day, we are reclaiming that space and recognizing women for the incredible individuals they are, not only as the mother of her eldest son.”

The initiative is created together with IMPACT BBDO Dubai and aims to open a larger conversation on women's rights and gender equality in the Middle East and the world.