I am Generation Equality: Teodora Mileska, champion of sexual and reproductive health and rights

Billions of people across the world stand on the right side of history every day. They speak up, take a stand, mobilize, and take big and small actions to advance women’s rights. This is Generation Equality.


I am Generation Equality
Teodora Mileska poses for a photo. Photo: UN Women/Mirjana Nedeva
Teodora Mileska is a student of International and intercultural studies in North Macedonia and an aspiring diplomat for peaceful conflict resolution. Photo: UN Women/Mirjana Nedeva

I am Generation Equality because…

I was seven years old when I first noticed that girls were treated differently from boys. I deeply believe that every girl and woman should have an equal opportunities in life and have the courage to fulfill her dreams. I don’t want any young girl to feel as if she is not good enough for this world, because we are enough.

Three things you can do to be part of Generation Equality

  • Be curious, ask questions and explore. Everything begins with you.
  • Be more vocal, connect, and share. Don’t be afraid to challenge your society and break down taboos.
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  • Share stories like these using #GenerationEquality and join the campaign.

Gender inequality affects you, even If you are not aware. Gender equality is not only about women, it’s about everyone.

Every single person joining the movement for women’s rights makes it stronger and better.

End sexual harassment and violence by stopping toxic behaviours

Sexual harassment and violence are some of the most urgent issues [for me]. For years, girls have been taught not to go out late at night, always be in someone’s company, they have been told how to dress and how to act.

We should educate and raise boys and girls the same way.

It is time to start talking about consent. “No” means no, it doesn’t mean, “convince me”.

More and more women and girls are talking and sharing their experience. This is important so that we can show the general public that this is a problem.

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“We need to recognize and act when we see toxic behaviour.”

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We need to recognize and act when we see toxic behaviour. Many people just choose to look the other way when they witness sexual harassment because that is easier. [By doing that] they become silent supporters of sexual harassment and violence.

Promote comprehensive sexuality education for empowerment

At the age of 16, I had my first encounter with comprehensive sexuality education which tackled Sexually Transmitted Infections, contraception, human rights, gender and sexual violence. From that moment on, I wanted to become a peer educator for Comprehensive Sexuality Education. I wanted to teach and give information to young people, especially girls, about things that we don’t talk about in our schools. I wanted to break the taboo that sex education is only about sex.

Comprehensive sexuality education is about giving freedom and information to young people about their sexual and reproductive choices. It is about exploring the gender perspectives, testing the gender norms and roles. You become more informed about your body, your rights, and your life. And that is what is often missing in our formal education—gaining knowledge and skills that you will need for life.

Teodora Mileska is a student of International and intercultural studies in North Macedonia and an aspiring diplomat for peaceful conflict resolution. She is a senior peer educator for Comprehensive Sexual Education and a concept writer for radio show Seksi Maalo that advocates for sexual and reproductive health rights.

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