Moldova takes historic step to promote gender equality in politics

New law mandates minimum 40 per cent women in cabinet and party lists, gives men 14 days paid paternity leave, and prohibits sexist ads and language in media.


The Parliament of Moldova. Photo:
The Parliament of Moldova. Photo:

The Parliament of Moldova recently adopted a new law that, for the first time, introduces gender quotas for party list candidates and cabinet nominees.

Passed on 14 April 2016, Law No. 71 says that women and men must each make up a minimum of 40 per cent of every political party’s candidates and of cabinet nominees. Law No. 71 amends 15 other national laws, including the Electoral Code, Law on Government and Labour Code of the Republic of Moldova. Key changes are:

  • Introducing 14 days paid paternity leave
  • prohibiting sexist language and images in the media and advertising
  • establishing a Gender Equality Coordination Group in the central public administration
  • expanding the responsibilities of local public authorities on gender equality

“Adopting this law is an important step forward towards gender equality in Moldova,” said Ulziisuren Jamsran, UN Women Country Representative in Moldova. “It was made possible by a broad alliance of Parliamentarians, civil society organizations, government representatives, media and committed individuals acting together. It is now critical that we join forces and ensure the Law is fully implemented and all responsible institutions, but also the citizens of Moldova are fully aware of its provisions.”

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